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We offer samples for all the products for customers' test and evaluation. We can also do logo imprint and packing services for sample orders. Set-up charges, sample fees and shipping cost are on customers's account. There are two ways of getting our samples.


1.The customers pay the sample fees and provide us with a/c no. with FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT etc,we will send out the samples by frieght collect.


2.The customers pay both the sample fees and the shipping cost to us, we will pay the shipping cost at our end. It is cheaper to pay the air freight in China, so we suggest this method. Please tell us which courier you prefer, then we will give you an exact air freight cost before the payment.


Some customers may feel disappointed in our sample policy. Here are some reasons why we charge sample fees and shipping cost.


First, our products are HI-Tech devices which are of high value especially those with high standard technology.


Second, the Internet has many people looking for free items without the intent of a future purchase, this makes our products cost more to our good customers.


Third, the international air freight is too high to afford for hundreds of sample orders.