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Q: How do I obtain service for my defective product?


To obtain service for any defective product under the 730-day warranty policy, you must:


1.Email us at



2.Before returning any damaged or defective items, make sure to obtain a Return Authorization Number from Homan Service Dept.


Note: Homan will not process any defective claims without a Return Authorization Number.



3.Return the product to Homan with postage prepaid (shipping insurance recommended).

Homan will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of the product during shipping. Homan will cover the cost to ship the repaired item back to you.



4.Enclose the following items along with your returned   product:


a. Copy of the original commercial invoice showing the date of purchase

b. Brief description of the issue

c. Contact information including physical mailing address, daytime/evening phone numbers and email address, if available

d. Your Return Authorization Number